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Horse Whisperer

Our Mission...


is to share the many gifts Arabian horses have to offer with those who don't have the resources and feel the dream is unattainable.


Many people love horses, but because it can be expensive and hard for families, they believe they have to let that dream go. Yet, these awesome folks also have gifts they can offer the Arabian horse community.  

Getting to know an animal as large as a horse requires many skills.  It requires attention to detail and good, clear communication, focus, awareness, courage, and a strong will.  These are life skills that build people's confidence and helps broaden their perspective of themselves and the world they interact with.

When we find people who love horses and connect them based on their skill level to a horse trainer and the right instructor, and other good-hearted friends in the industry that also want to share the gifts their horses provide WE build COMMUNITY.


It's a gift in itself to witness someone fall in love with the Arabian's enchanting beauty and exceptionally large heart.



We have many avenues in which we support breeders, trainers, assistant trainers, grooms and ground managers while facility new people being connecting and bringing what they have to offer to the Arabian Horse community, while rebuilding lesson programs and generating more support for each barn at its foundation.  People coming together around these beautiful horses has been happening for centuries.  This is our way of rebuilding communities and creating a tomorrow we can all thrive in and continue to celebrate "the spirit that arose from the sand".

Sponshorship Programs available to...


Amateurs (yes, kids!)

Artists and creators

Grooms and Farm Hands

Assistant Trainers

Training Facilities


 Donate and watch someone's life change the way your's did when you first met the one that stole your heart..

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