Our mission is to share the gift of the Arabian horse by relieving some of the financial pressures for riding lessons, show attendance, and an education of horse care and general welfare. Our goal is to introduce, educate, and foster horse and human relationships by creating local avenues to horseback riding in your area.

What we do...

So many children feel drawn to horses but because horses can be costly to keep, some families decide they cannot afford to support it, and therefore these children never get the opportunity or support to explore all the many benefits of the bond and love that results from spending time with these bright horses, not to mention the vast lessons and growth brought forth with every engagement.

And, many children grow up to become adults that still have the same dream. The dream of a bond that is very special.

Arabian Gift waters the seed of desire that lay in the heart of every horse lover and is investing in the horsemen and horsewomen of tomorrow.

We have 3 main branches:

  • Sponsorship

  • Wellness and Sustainability

  • Art and Media


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