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Seeing is Believing

Seeing is appreciating.  This is an experience based class.  Bring whatever medium you like and your favorite photo of a horse and lets take the time to capture whatever it is that moves you when you look at that photo.  You may keep your creation or if you so choose donate it to our Arabian Gift Gallery Show, show casing the essence of the Arabian horse.  All proceeds go towards the mission of Arabian Gift: Bringing incredible humans and incredible horses together.



All proceeds will go towards Arabian Gift

Tuina and your Horse



an hour

Give the gift

Learn how to best serve your horse as they mature and your partnership changes.  You can learn so much about your own riding when you come to listen to your horse and what your horse's body have to say. Their body can become programmed just like your own through muscle memory.  Some hold tension simply because they are in training and do not get to stretch enough, others have these holding partners due to the imbalances of the people that ride them.  I highly recommend all patients and riders do yoga regularly and a practice of Qi Gong or Tai Chi would really seal the deal.  This workshop uses Tuina (Chinese medical massage) to stretch, release, invigorate, and teach you about your horse and your riding.. Each technique is very intentional.  Sometimes the intention is to survey the landscape of the muscles and tissues and other times to move fluids or release tension.  

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Divine Design:

Yoga for Equestrians

This is a yin and restorative hodgepodge to help you relax and unwind and focus on discovering how you are holding yourself day to day.  This class is an opportunity to let go while you enjoy the sounds of the barn and the sights of horses running around in the ring below.

75 min class                          Please call for times